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Our Services

Our Services

Our Units under the Hardware and Technical Support Branch Directorate;

Network and Cabling Unit

To plan and implement networks that transfer data in accordance with the structured cabling logic, to ensure the continuity of LAN, WLAN and WAN connections,
Ensuring, managing and controlling the functionality of the network by continuously monitoring the network performance and status with the help of the programs used,
To provide an uninterrupted, quality computer network service, maintenance, installation and configuration of network devices,
Distribution of public IP address blocks. Managing IP address distribution within faculties,
Helping other system analysts and designers on issues related to the network structure of the system,

Hardware Support Unit

Maintenance and repair of PCs and peripherals registered to university fixtures,
To make the initial installations of computers purchased through tender or donation in accordance with the standards,
To ensure the use of licensed programs in the computers within the university,
To keep the computers safe from virus attacks by enabling the use of the updatable antivirus program on the network.

Automation Systems (KGS / HGS / VOIP) Unit

Doing KGS / HGS affairs within the university,
Operating barriers in car parks,
To install turnstiles at the passageways,
Establishing Attendance System for Administrative Units,
Enabling them to buy food with Card readers in cafeterias.

System (Server) Unit

Setting up and operating servers,
Keeping the services on the server open
Reconfiguring the server in case of failure