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What is Eduroam?
Eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is an international wireless internet access system developed for academicians and students to connect to the internet free of charge in their own institutions or in the institutions they visit.

Where is the Eduroam Network Located?
Eduroam is an international association and has become a member of Mersin University Eduroam Confederation. With this membership, our staff and students who visit eduroam member institutions at home or abroad will be able to benefit from the internet access at that institution by using the username and password they use at Mersin University without any registration process. The same applies to the guests coming to Mersin University from the institutions that are members of eduroam. You can find more detailed information on this subject and the list of member organizations at and

Is Eduroam Safe?
Eduroam Wi-Fi Network is a secure network. Communication is encrypted with EAP / TTLS method. Connections you make from open wireless networks can be easily listened to. For your connection security, it is recommended that you choose the 'eduroam' wireless network among the wireless networks available at our university. Never transfer your username and password assigned to you to anyone else. The staff / student with a username registered in the Computer Center is responsible for the internet access to be made by someone else.

Eduroam Access Records
All kinds of internet access by users are kept for 2 years within the scope of the Internet Law No. 5651. In cases where the internet is used in a criminal way, necessary information can be given to the Judicial Authorities. Therefore personnel using the eduroam network, students and EDUROAM Turkey Participation Agreement of guests' What, ULAKNET Use Policy and the 5651 Act to (Law on Regulation of Internet of Things Publications and Via These Issues with Crimes Combating) are obliged to comply.

Eduroam Connection Settings
For computer and mobile phone settings, please select the appropriate option for you and follow the instructions on your screen.

WINDOWS 10 Operating System PC Settings
Mobile / Tablet / PC Device Settings with ANDROID Operating System
Mobile / Tablet / PC Device Settings with IOS Operating System