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What is Proxy Server Service?

In order to connect to the online databases provided by the Library and Documentation Department, the IP address restriction method is generally used. In this case, the IP address range of the institution receiving the subscription service is made 'authorized' by the institution providing the database service. However, it is not possible for us to connect to databases from IP addresses in our homes. At this point, it is possible to connect to the databases from any IP address outside the organization by using proxy servers.

Who can benefit from the Proxy Server Service?

Based on the requirements of license agreements, only Mersin University students and academic / administrative staff can benefit from the service.

What is Account Information?

Staff and Students; They must use the username and password of their e-mail account. You can request an e-mail account from the Computer Center. If you cannot connect to a database, you can contact the Library and Documentation Department.

How to use a proxy server?

For the use of proxy server service; First of all, the settings specific to the browser used must be made. Generally, it is done by entering '' address in the Preferences-Advanced-Network-Settings (Proxy Server) -Automatic Proxy Configuration url section of the browsers. After the proxy server setting is made on the browser; When connecting to the subscribed databases, a username and password will be asked. Staff and Students; They must use their e-mail username and password information. Staff and Students must have activated the e-mail service on in order to use this system. The server side of this service is provided by the Computer Center, and subscription to databases is provided by the Library and Documentation Department. Detailed example usage is available in the picture below.

Settings for Windows

Settings for Android