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Department of Information Technologies


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Department of Information Technologies


Supported Services

Supported Services

In our university, Information Technologies Services are carried out by the Information Technology Department (BIDB) and the Information Technology Research and Application Center (BAUM). While the Department of Information Technologies provides mostly IT-related system, network and Technical Services, the Information Technology Research and Application Center (BAUM) develops the automations used in our University. These two units work in coordination. The Software Support Branch Directorate provides support for the automations written by BAUM.
Central Identity Server Software

It is the software that allows all software developed at our university to be collected under a single identity roof, and allows access to all other automations with the username and password used in the mail system. Changing the Password in the Identity Server is linked to the verification code received via SMS.

New Mail System

The mail system used in our university has been renewed and the username and password have been connected to the identity server. At the first entrance to the system, verification and approval of the usage policy have been provided from MERNIS. Corporate mails belonging to all units were opened and mail groups service was provided to the units that requested.

Mail System features

● 30GB of storage space has been provided per user.

● Thanks to the Drive feature, all mail users have the ability to store and share documents.

● The system's Spam Filter has been activated against fraud attempts.

● Easy to install and use feature for smart phones.

Dynamic Web Page Portal

It is a manageable dynamic web portal where personnel, units, authorities and academic information are automatically updated from the automations to which they are connected, and authorities are dynamically assigned. The system automatically pulls the people in the units from the Personnel Automation, the information and publications of the academicians from the APBS System, and the courses taught by the teachers through the ÖİBS.

APBS - Academic Staff Information System

It is an application that enables the archiving of publications, articles, congresses, symposiums, conferences, workshops and similar works of academic staff. After the information is entered, CVs are created in the Mersin University template and also this information is shown live by the university's dynamic web portal. The system can calculate Academic Incentive Grant scoring based on the information entered.

BAP - Scientific Research Projects System

It has been developed to follow the process of project applications made to the unit of scientific research projects. Project application, referee assignment, referee evaluation, commission evaluation, project approval / rejection / revision processes, advance payment after project acceptance, procurement, project report entries, project closure, etc. processes can be followed.

EBYS - Electronic Document Management System

Thanks to the EBYS system, it has been ensured that all documents and information exchange are transferred to the electronic environment and instantly managed over the internet. After the 3-month training period for the entire university, as of January 1, 2016, the EBYS System was put into use and electronic signatures began to be used. The system is active from smart phones and e-signatures can also be sent from mobile phones.

ÖİBS - Student Affairs Information System

Features added after 2015 are as follows. Thanks to the addition of modules that enable the entry of Weekly Course Schedules to the Student Affairs Information System (ÖİBS), it has been ensured that the lecturers receive Supplementary Course Declarations by preventing course conflicts in course registration and integrating with the Personnel Information System (PBS). In addition, with the PBS integration, employee title changes were automatically reflected in the system.

Academic Calendar limitations are imposed for those who have an effect on course enrollment among the ongoing transactions at ÖİBS, ensuring data integrity and a regular working environment. In addition, various reports were submitted to the authorities to ensure the accuracy of data entries in these transactions. Apart from these, the cost and workload have been reduced by integrating the Course Registration Outcomes taken after course registration.

Thanks to the added Prospective Student module, the selection and placement procedures of Foreign and Graduate Student Candidates started to be made automatically in a way that eliminates human error. With the Interview module developed in addition to the Prospective Student module, the interviews of the Graduate Student candidates were also followed.

Language support has been added to the system in order to facilitate the applicants in foreign student applications and English translations have been provided for Foreign Candidate Application screens.

For the Common Compulsory Courses (Turkish Language, Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions, Foreign Language), the necessary structuring has been made for the application of a joint branch and the management authorities have been delegated to the responsible units. In addition, the workload has been reduced by preparing Preparatory Course Programs for the programs that apply Foreign Language Preparation. Apart from these common branch practices, units were also enabled to define equivalent courses and carry out their own common branch practices.

In order for the diploma and other documents received from ÖİBS to be electronically signed, EBYS integration infrastructure studies have been completed.

Compliance with the changes made in the legislation under which the ÖİBS is responsible has been ensured and regular data sharing has been provided to the Higher Education Information System (YÖKSİS).

BEDS - Scientific Activities Support System

It has been developed to control academic staff's requests for assignment to participate in scientific activities. All kinds of academic studies and assignment requests, both at home and abroad, without any casual or casual, are carried out through this system.

BEKAP- Scientific Activities Participation Support System

It has been developed for the application, assessment, execution and supervision of academic staff of our university to national or international scientific events with travel and participation fee.

DDB - Academic Text Language Support System

It has been developed for the systematic evaluation of academic texts in foreign languages ​​written by our university staff to be published in journals or institutions by the relevant language experts registered in the system.

Corporate Memory

CODE TREE Server for Enterprise Memory is enabled. All software developed by BAUM is on this server. In this way, all the code improvements are seen retrospectively. In addition, thanks to the small storage transferred to the BIDB and BAUM units, all works after 2015 are recorded.

Staff Request System

It has been developed for academic units to demand and follow their staff needs. The staff requests on the documents accumulated at the Rectorate were transferred to automation, ensuring a statistical approach and preventing data loss. Authorities authorized to request staff make their requests and announcement conditions through the system and are submitted to the Rectorate.

Quota Request System

It has been developed to follow the request, suggestion, eligibility and announcement processes for the quota announcements of graduate programs. In the next version, quota request and follow-up processes of associate and undergraduate programs will also be added. In quota announcements, announcement conditions, application conditions, interview date, etc. The processes are entered by the head of the department, controlled by the director of the institute, and all are carried out through automation until the announcement process after the approval of the Rectorate.
Institute Process Tracking System

A software has been developed for the Institute to follow the seminar and thesis processes.

Administrative Staff Information System

It has been developed to determine the need for administrative staff to be assigned to the academic units of our university and to ensure that the administrative staff in their hands are placed in these positions. With this software, the excess personnel in the unit can be determined, as well as the presence of personnel need in cases where personnel cannot be assigned to the determined positions.

Support System

All users within the university can log into the system and request online support for their problems. The opened tickets are distributed to units, and the reported problem is solved. All support requests were recorded and the support requests received in approximately 4 years passed 14,000 (fourteen thousand).

SMS Notification Service

SMS service for SMS Notification has been distributed to the units requesting in the university. Units can now send their notifications independently.

License System

Windows and Office software are licensed through the License system. All of our computers benefit from the system open to the university.

Central Antivirus System

By installing an antivirus server, this service has been opened to all our users, and it serves through the Licensing System.

Polling and HGS Systems

HGS System was installed at the University's main gates and on the Hospital side. Highways on the vehicles are matched with the HGS tag ID cards. In this way, barriers are opened automatically when our users approach the door. Attendance system has been installed at the entrances of 14 buildings. Personnel entry / exit are made over the system with their ID cards.

EduRoam System

Our university is affiliated to EduRoam Federation Integration. All staff and students with all mail in the user name and password, Turkey, a member of the eduroam federation in universities in Europe and America have been able to benefit from a wireless connection.

MEU Hospital Web Portal

It is the web page used in the Faculty of Medicine Hospital. It is a manageable dynamic web portal where personnel, units, authorities and academic information are automatically updated from the automations to which they are connected, and authorities are dynamically assigned. Patient results can also be found on this web page.

MEU Dental Hospital Web Portal

It is used by the Faculty of Dentistry. It is a manageable dynamic web portal where personnel, units, authorities and academic information are automatically updated from the automations to which they are connected, and authorities are dynamically assigned.

MEU Promotion Portal

It is the web portal used to promote the university's academic, social and cultural opportunities during the university preferences.

New Laboratory Setup

A total of 29 new Computer Laboratories have been established in the university in about 4 years.

System and Network Structure

As Mersin University, our internet speed obtained from ULAKBİM has reached 1.25 GBit / s. 10GBit switches have been introduced as a network device within the university. All buildings are connected to the 10GBit center. Disaster Recovery System (FKM) installation continues.

VOIP System

In-university VOIP voice service has been established. Digital phones have started to be used. It is integrated with the Analogue switchboard used within the university. In this way, calls were made to domestic lines even from mobile phones.

International Student Office

It is an information portal regarding the preference, placement and registration procedures of foreign students.

Warehouse Stock Management

Warehouse Stock software has been activated. In this way, to whom all the materials in the warehouse were given and the number of remaining materials can be seen. Currently 9 repositories benefit from this software.

Personnel Tracking Automation

Personnel Tracking Automation has been integrated with the web page and academic, administrative and other personnel are reflected automatically. When a new employee starts or leaves, it is automatically reflected on the web page. In addition, the officials of any unit, such as director, deputy director, board of directors, etc. All administrative tasks are transferred from the staff program to the web page. In this way, in any unit, changes are made automatically without the need to make manual changes on the web page when changing administrative duties.

Student affairs program integration has been achieved with Personnel Tracking Automation. leave, domestic assignment, assignment abroad, etc. for additional course forms. such information is sent and the academic staff's title and so on. reflected when information changes. In addition, changes made in unit managers are conveyed via web services.

Integration has been achieved between Personnel Tracking Automation and addressing system. The address system is a system developed by the social security institution and has a structure in which various information of academic and administrative staff are available. Service document, military service, title information, education information, insurance service information etc. entered in our personnel program. information is automatically sent to the address system via web services at the end of the day. In addition, the personnel who come to the institution as transfer are automatically transferred to our address system through the personnel tracking system. In addition, new or departed personnel are automatically transferred over the system. Performing these works through personnel tracking automation prevents the workload and time loss that will occur in the units.

In Personnel Tracking Automation, renewals are made in the section used by the personnel, and the personnel can now follow the annual leave information, excuse leave information and report information in detail from their own department. In addition, with the innovation made in the service certificate section, it can now see the service certificate in detail from the day it started working in accordance with the address.

ÖYP Information System

ÖYP information system; It is the system in which the information of research assistants coming to our university is followed through the ÖYP system. The expenditure follow-up of the budget given to them by YÖK is carried out. Those who come with ÖYP make their requests such as travel and purchases through the system, and these requests are approved and followed by the ÖYP unit. The system, which has the capability of detailed reporting, has solved the problems that occurred in the ÖYP unit.

Information Request System

Informatics Request System; computer, software and so on. is the system it makes its demands It has an admin structure where these requests are managed. After the incoming requests are evaluated, they are accepted or rejected through the system. It has various reporting structure.

Sticker Information System

It is the system that allows the tracking of the stickers given to the vehicles by the Computer Center. In the system, academic, administrative, student, etc. It is the system where information such as vehicle license plate information, license information, vehicle driver information etc. Detailed searches can be made in the system used by the IT and private security unit, and the sticker number, license plate, name and surname, etc. Vehicle information can be easily accessed with information.

Printer Information System

It is the system in which detailed information of all printers in our university is followed in the software developed by Bilgi İşlem.

Talent Exam Online Application System

In this system prepared for the Faculty of Fine Arts and the School of Jewelry Technology, it is a system where people who will apply for the talent exam can make their applications online and upload the necessary information online. With this newly developed system, since people do not need to hand over the documents at the application stage, the problems that occur for the units and individuals are solved.

Guest House and Guest House Web Pages

These are the pages where the Guest House and the Guest House are introduced and reservations are made.

MİSAM Web Page

On this page prepared for occupational health and safety, it is the page where information, documents and various forms regarding occupational health and safety are presented in detail.

It allows you to watch the training videos uploaded in the basic training section on the page. After watching all of the training videos, the certificate is given automatically and the students can enter the system with the e-mails of the staff and the students with the eibs information. Watch times of training videos are kept in the background and no certificate is issued without watching the videos.

KİDBİS Information System

The system, which was used as ADEK Information System in the past, has been renewed and turned into a KİDBİS information system. Performance indicator tracking etc. The system through which the transactions are made allows the loading and follow-up of kidbis reports.

Services to be Made

Disaster Recovery Scenarios (Fire, Earthquake, Cyber ​​or Physical Attack, etc.): Taking security measures in accordance with ISO-27001 information security standards