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Authority, Duties and Responsibilities

Authority, Duties and Responsibilities

Duties of the Department of Information Technologies

  1. It creates information and communication systems strategies, closely monitors technological developments in this field, ensures that information personnel obtain up-to-date information, develops medium and long-term plans, executes, finalizes and monitors project studies within the framework of these plans.
  2. It determines the standards for the establishment and use of information and communication systems within the university, and to meet the demands, takes the necessary measures, inspects and regulates information processing services in terms of effective, efficient, fast and coordinated execution.
  3. It carries out quality and improvement studies in order for the information and communication systems to be used efficiently, takes the necessary precautions for the systems and the applications on them to work without disruption, determines the priorities within the framework of business plans and carries out maintenance and repair works.
  4. By following the developments in hardware, software and communication technology, it ensures that all kinds of software and hardware needs of the University in terms of information and communication systems are met, and the technical specifications are prepared and purchased.
  5. It ensures a regular flow of information over the university's internet and intranet network, and updates its website.
  6. It provides consultancy services to the Rectorate and other academic / administrative units, as well as training and support to users in matters related to information and communication systems.
  7. It designs, develops and executes the necessary information and communication systems in order to ensure that the university can fulfill its duties effectively, efficiently and safely in accordance with its mission and vision, and ensures that it is updated in line with technological developments.
  8. Provides online and offline data flow and coordination between systems within the scope of national and international issues within the scope of our university,
  9. Information sharing, information gathering, publishing, e-mail services etc. of the university central and provincial organizations over the internet. Performs and applies the necessary work for its work and operations,
  10. It has been determined as carrying out other duties assigned by the university administration.

Duties of the Head of Department

  1. Duties of the Head of Department; In order to ensure that the duties assigned to the Presidency within the framework of this directive and related legislation are carried out regularly, quickly, effectively and in accordance with the legislation;
  2. It takes measures and gives the necessary instructions to ensure that the works within the Presidency are done duly. These duties; It executes by making use of Branch Managers and other staff. The President is responsible to the Senior Manager for these duties.
  3. The Head of Department monitors and controls the planning of the work of the Branch Directorates, ensuring coordination among themselves and with other presidencies, and the execution of duties.
  4. Uses the budget given to him by the law in the capacity of the spending authority for the execution of the services efficiently and in accordance with the legislation.
  5. Performs other duties assigned by the law and assigned by the senior management.

Duties of Branch Managers

  1. To make inspections regarding the service performed and the discipline of the personnel, to carry out the necessary work and procedures in line with the instructions of the Head of Department in order to eliminate the problems detected,
  2. To ensure the coordination between the units affiliated to them and the smooth execution of the services,
  3. In order to facilitate the project work, to ensure that all project design, development and implementation works are carried out in accordance with the standards, principles and methods determined by the Information Technology Department,
  4. To distribute work, to determine authorities and responsibilities, to determine working principles and to establish discipline,
  5. To improve the understanding of quality service, to make regulations that increase efficiency, to ensure that they work in harmony. Developing service-related remedial measures and recommending them to the President,
  6. To perform other duties assigned by the Head of Department.


Duties of the Software Support Services Branch Manager

To provide support for the automation and programs written by the Information Technologies Research and Application Center (BAUM) in order to produce better quality services by using information technologies, saving time, manpower and production costs,
To analyze the current situation for application software, to determine the application software requirements, to forward additional software and updates on existing software to BAUM,
To analyze the current situation for system software in operating system, system management, security and other issues, to determine current and future system software requirements and to solve problems that may arise,
Realizing the current status of the software used and the targeted situation and difference analysis activities and determining and reporting the integration structure between the current system and the targeted system,
To offer alternatives in the solution approach regarding the application software that is decided to be developed and updated,
To provide the continuous publication of the university internet (Web) pages. To provide the best service to the employees, students and citizens of the institution by ensuring that the main website is in a structure that can provide service, information and document sharing,
To determine the content standards of the internet pages that can be used by the university and its affiliated units and to design according to the content, to provide or provide support,
To determine software development, information and data security standards in projects. To do analysis studies, to create an application model and database design, to prepare usage documents for projects, to work on solutions to problems encountered in use,
To monitor the flow of information within the university and the functioning of the current projects, to identify the problems and to suggest the necessary arrangements to their superiors. Providing necessary training, documents and information to the personnel who are involved in the project,
Performing other duties assigned by the Head of Department.


Duties of the Hardware and Technical Support Branch Manager

To take all necessary precautions for the smooth operation of the main computers and servers established within the Department of Information Technologies and serving the entire University organization and the equipment connected to these systems, to improve business procedures,
To work for the rapid acquisition and processing of information, the uninterrupted meeting of needs, the protection of data integrity, and the creation of an efficient and efficient information processing infrastructure with the latest technological features,
Planning and designing the communication and information security-related parts of our university's IT projects, making project analysis, preparing the necessary technical specifications for their procurement and bringing the projects to the implementation phase, following up,
Creating "LANs" (Local Area Network) between the center and other units, creating an intranet by connecting these "LANs" (MEÜ / NET "WAN" (Wide Area Network) to each other,
Monitoring the structure of our university's information systems based on a relational database under an integrated structure and ensuring that information is shared to its users over a secure infrastructure,
Creating computer user accounts, performing all kinds of transactions related to e-mail and internet account, monitoring and controlling internet traffic,
To ensure the uninterrupted publication of our university's websites, to make updates, to periodically conduct penetration tests, to report, to close the gaps, if any,
Providing the configuration of network devices (Router, Switch, Firewall, IPS etc.) and periodic updating of the operating systems and software on it,
To develop security-related standards in the computer network and systems of our university, to determine the principles of confidentiality, password, authorization, responsibility, to take measures, to follow its implementation and to ensure the necessary coordination,
To ensure the continuity of the existing network systems, to research and present alternatives in the solution approach for the network systems that are decided to be developed and updated.
To offer a solution approach to move the database management system or databases to other hardware platforms when necessary, to create and realize migration plans
Determining the system server computer requirement; To take measures to ensure the healthy and safe operation of the system, to immediately report any deficiencies and malfunctions to the Presidency,
Regarding the protection of information privacy, security and personal privacy; To take the necessary measures to protect the servers and user computers against all kinds of unauthorized access and similar threats,
Planning and designing the computer communication network and establishing / establishing wired / wireless data communication lines and making performance improvement studies to ensure uninterrupted operation,
To take the necessary measures and supervise the safe protection and backup of the information stored in the database on the system, to ensure that the data is backed up in specified periods and to keep the backups taken securely,
Ensuring coordination in issues related to the network structure of the systems, supervising the use and the service provided, making corrections and arrangements when necessary,
Opening a web space, domain name for units, providing V6 internet access support to existing systems,
To repair and maintain the network (Internet) cables in the buildings of our university, to carry out the opening, closing and transfer operations of internet lines. Monitoring and reporting the fault detection and status of data lines,
To make technological project analysis of all kinds of computers and peripheral devices planned to be purchased by our university, to prepare the necessary technical specifications for their procurement and to bring the projects to the implementation phase,
Keeping records of fixtures, hardware and the use of hardware, Ensuring the distribution of newly purchased computers and peripheral devices to the relevant units
To install or have all kinds of computer systems installed,
The staff working in our university and its affiliated units, the installation, preventive maintenance and repairs of computers used within the institution, etc. to give or provide training on these issues,
Controlling and monitoring the implementation of services provided by sources other than our University with maintenance-repair agreements, and ensuring timely payments regarding this issue,
Keeping an inventory of data processing devices and equipment used in our university,
To install, maintain, repair or have computer, printer and other hardware products used in our university and to provide technical support.
Establishing and operating an ip phone connection between units of our university, to develop all kinds of communication standards in the fields of ip phone systems and communication of our university, to send application instructions to users and to ensure their implementation,
To develop security policies for all users and computers on the network, to install the operating system and other programs, and to ensure that antivirus updates are made periodically,
To establish minimum standards of computers and peripherals to be provided by the units of our university, to make / have conformity checks when necessary,
Keeping the warranty and defective list of the equipment supplied and used by the units in the database and following up in a healthy way,
Performing or supporting works such as periodic maintenance, control, malfunction, new purchase, preparation of technical specifications regarding uninterruptible power supply, system, infrastructure devices used in system rooms and network services,
To provide video conference and similar hardware support in meetings, presentations, ceremonies and similar events held by our university.
Performing other duties assigned by the Head of Department.


Duties of the Administrative Services Branch Office

Planning, executing / having the strategic plan, budget, accounting, personnel and similar administrative activities related to the works and operations of the Presidency,
To determine the appropriation needs by reviewing the needs of the Presidency for the year to be prepared as an expenditure unit and to prepare budget appropriation proposals.
Ensuring that the incoming and outgoing letters are regularly and timely delegated to the President, Branch Managers and related places in order to register, have them done, be seen and done what is necessary in electronic or manual environment,
To meet the needs of the employees of the unit by determining and supplying the inventory and supplies of the Presidency,
By keeping the records of the fixtures belonging to the Presidency, embezzling in accordance with the laws and regulations, regularly checking the entries and exits of the fixtures according to the list and reporting the year-end movable accounts;
To prepare the necessary plans for the execution of services such as civil defense and evacuation in fire and extraordinary situations of the Department's service building and to announce it to the relevant units,
Keeping the personal files of the personnel of the Department, personal affairs; to make correspondence and follow-up on leave, rest, starting-leaving, registration reports, course, promotion, death, marriage and retirement procedures and informing the Head of Department and relevant places;
Filing and archiving all documents sent to and from the Presidency and keeping them for a legal period;
To see the secretariat services of the office regarding appointment, visit, meeting, daily program, transportation and communication,
To supply / purchase and distribute the necessary goods and materials and to ensure uninterrupted service.
To prepare training programs according to the needs of users, to research alternative training programs as well as on-site training and to provide educational support services.
Checking the operating system and programs used within the framework of license agreements and other maintenance and purchasing service fees and ensuring that the payments are made on time,
It is in charge of performing other works assigned by the Head of Department.